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Heading back to school used to be all about tricked out binders and cool book covers, but for college students, the back-to-school craze is all about uncovering new and exciting places to hang out. Students in La Rochelle have it easier than most because the city hosts several venues known for their student “Thirsty Thursdays”.


Tired of spending every night with your asleep-by-nine-thirty roommate, get out and check out The General Humbert’s Irish Pub & Club!!!
Well-known for its convivial atmosphere, this is the perfect place for enjoying a night with old friends or getting to know some new ones. This popular late-night spot feels more like Galway than La Rochelle offering a casual escape from the usual.


Keeping in mind the pockets of the average university student aren’t very deep, this is why The General Humbert is offering:

– reasonably priced drinks,
“Happy Hours” on all pints and some soft drinks from 6.00 to 8.00pm from Monday to Friday,
– and Student “special promotions” every Thursday night.


Whether you’re looking for Freshers week parties, a post-exam blowout or a great Thursday night out you just want to check out General Humbert!!!


IUT GENIE BIO – FRESHERS WEEK PARTYThursday 12 September 10.00pm Hard to believe, but it’s already “Back to School” time and at La Rochelle’s IUT GENIE BIO that’s a good excuse to party. Join us for this great night of fun and don’t miss the opportunity to meet the new Freshers “rookie” students!!! Special Promos

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10.00pm THIRSTY THURSDAYS –   Pioneered by business school students who don’t have class on Friday, the term “Thirsty Thursdays” was used at General Humbert to promote the student night out and the pub’s related special promos! Every Thursday of every week during the semester is Thirsty Thursday; there is no specific or special date

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FAC DE LETTRES –THURSDAY 03 OCTOBER –10.00pm –Put on your hair & join us to party with FAC DE LETTRES MODERNES (FLASH) thursday night!!! Mustache, wig and all facial hair encouraged… Special promos and giveaways.

Thurs. 10 October 10.00pm –Sailors from around the world are invited to compete in the fifth and final leg of the EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup, which takes place in La Rochelle from 9th – 13th October. On this occasion, an international ERASMUS “MEXICAN PARTY” will be organised at THE GENERAL HUMBERT’S pub this Thursday 10th

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THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 10.00pm – Ready to party the VIKING way with IUT students and ABU BDE? This party will be the opportunity to introduce the new IUT football team!!! Vikings were fierce Nordic warriors who sailed the seas, raiding and pillaging any settled land they came across. Dressed up like a Viking join us

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